Brentwood 90049 Lifestyle

Do you know Brentwood in California? I live in this neighborhood that’s situated in Los Angeles with my precious pet, Addie, who’s a miniature poodle. Yes, she is crazy pup but in a funny and lovable way. More of that later.
crazy pup poodle txtIf you don’t know, there is another place, which is actually a city and not a neighborhood, called Brentwood also in California. But where I reside is in the westside in the city of Los Angeles. The “westside” starts with the city of Beverly Hills all the way west towards the ocean, to the city of Santa Monica. At least, that’s the way I understand it to be.
In a way, this area has a small town feeling which I love. And yet, it’s very conveniently close to Westwood where the University of California resides, the city of Venice with its canals and Marina Del Rey where you can go sports fishing, boating and go on cruises. Nearby Beverly Hills is fun for shopping (or window shopping) and Santa Monica is great for dining by the ocean and of course, there’s the airport at LAX, just 20-25 minutes away.
Having said that, there is really not much reason for me to drive outside of the westside to get anything done! I can’t remember the last time I was in downtown Los Angeles. There just hasn’t been any reason to go there. Everything I need is right here.

Halloween and Dogs

Do you really think that most dogs love Halloween? I’m really not sure about that. I do know what Addie doesn’t seem to be happy in a costume – she looks quite uncomfortable as a matter of fact. Does your dog enjoy wearing a costume? I do know that Halloween is a big day for dog costumes.
I think Halloween is more of a fun thing for the owner to shop for a costume and have their pet wear it. Sometimes owner and pet have identical get ups! They do look cute and funny in costumes. Take a look at the video below and you be the judge.

A great place to buy costumes for small dogs is through this link. And, the best way to buy it is online where you can shop at leisure and at your own pace.
Here are some tips to remember when going trick and treating with your dog:

  • No chocolate can be ingested by your pet
  • No nibbling on pumpkin
  • Make sure the costume you buy is comfortable and the pet is able to see, hear and move around freely.
  • Stay away from decorations like electric lights as the wires, if chewed by your pet, can cause electric shock
  • To avoid unnecessary stress, don’t have your pet wear a costume unless you can see that it’s ok with the pet
  • Make sure your pet has ID in case they run away while trick or treating!

Be safe!

Brentwood Village

I love the fact that the commercial center, Brentwood Village, is compact but complete. Since I live nearby, I can walk or sometimes bike to this downtown area.
Vicente Foods is a favorite grocery of mine and it’s been around forever. It’s older than Whole Foods which is down a few blocks. I love the pastries at Vicente Foods, especially the pecan coffee cake and their scones are also delicious.
The post office here is a full service one and there’s ample parking. Across the post office are small restaurants, bakeries and one of a kind boutiques. But most of the retail businesses are done on San Vicente Boulevard, which is the main street in Brentwood Village.
If you like to walk or jog, a great venue to do it in is on the sidewalk surrounding the Brentwood Country Club and golf course. It’s a pleasant path to take where you can sometimes experience the smell of fresh cut grass. The golf course is a 18-hole course, in case you’re a golfer. It does have a steep membership fee and the application process requires three existing members to sponsor the applicant.
Whether you’re looking for a nail or hair salon, yoga studio, pilates or dance classes, gyms, banks, they’re all available here. Also present in Brentwood Village are dentists, doctors, psychologists, real estate agents, auto insurance agents and the like. Unforuntately, I haven’t found a veterinarian nearby; but there are lots just a few miles away. Otherwise, practically everything you need is available in such a small area.

Things To Do In Brentwood in Los Angeles

Not to mention The Getty Center museum that’s located in Brentwood would be like not saying anything about the elephant in the room. Seriously, this $1.2 billion building is a must see. It’s free admission but I’m not sure if parking is also free. “The Gardens” around the museum as it is called, is breathtaking and so is the view since the museum is situated high up on a hill. Designed by Richard Meier, it took approximately eight years to build. You can call (310) 440-7300 for more information.
The Brentwood Farmers Market located at 741 Gretna Green Way is open on Sundays from 9:00 am to 2:00 p.m. It’s an interesting and fun place to spend on a Sunday. There’s a petting zoo complete with a miniature horse for the kids to ride on. Some baked goods are gluten and soy-free and there are lots of vegan choices too. The vendors not only sell produce, but also clothes and trinkets. There are mini restaurants with a variety of foods, like Mediterranean delicacies, fish tacos and vendors are very generous with samples.

The Brentwood Country Mart is an old standby, but it isn’t located in the area. It’s located just around the border that separates Brentwood and the neighboring city of Santa Monica. It’s been open since 1948 and consists of interesting high end boutiques, restaurants, book store and a barber shop. You can take a look at the shops here.